'Break of Gauge' Railway Shop

The Museum's 'Break of Gauge' Railway Shop stocks an extensive range of railway books, magazines and publications, along with rail fan videos and DVD's. The shop also stocks a variety of gifts, souvenirs and toys, including the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' range.

Patrons do not need to pay Museum admission to browse in the shop.

Don't forgot to keep an eye on the news page for information on upcoming book and DVD releases.


    » New realeses and items back in stock   (26/02/2017)

    » SALE mug and stubbie holder  (14/03/2017)

    » SALE Shop Book Tales from A Railway Odysey  (08/04/2017)

Prices current at the time of publication, and are subject to change.
For any stock enquiries or item reservations, please contact the shop on (08) 8341 1690.

The National Railway Museum now has an eBay site where surplus items from the Archive, Bookshop and Workshop are sold. As the Museum is a self funded, not-for-profit community based organisation the Museum has decided to set up the eBay site in order to create income for our ongoing work and to create better storage conditions for the collection by disposing of excess material.

From time to time excess plant and equipment, books and souvenirs, tickets, signal lamps & fittings, crockery, uniforms, railway related documents and memorabilia will be available for purchase, and every purchase will help support the National Railway Museum.

With regard to the Museum Collection the Museum retains multiples of each item, the Museum keeps at least three of each identical item (and many more in the majority of circumstances) and disposes of the surplus to other heritage institutions or by sale.

All donations are processed in the Archive and the Museum has a stringent process in place for the approval of items for de-accession from the collection, and also for the separate task of approving items for sale. We are open and transparent about whether items duplicated within the collection may be considered for de-accession, and all potential donors are welcome to discuss their future donations with the Museum Curator - Collections, Gabby Sexton, via .

For information about eBay at the National Railway Museum contact NRM Executive Officer, Robert Sampson, via .

For information about eBay sales contact NRM Online Sales Officer, Don Bonner, via

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